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My articles and blog posts are published on other  platforms, as this site is dedicated to photo sharing and storing.

CHOPARD.ORG :  presents featured stories and a global index to all my publications

FACEBOOK PAGE: (a public page)

BLOGGER:  bikinghobo blogspot  

My WORDPRESS blogs are no longer updated:

Asian mosaics:  culture mosaics, Asian tidbits and peculiarities

Mosaïques culturelles d'Orient:  anecdotes d'Asie (en français)

DIRECT LINKS  to my  GT-Rider writeups by region:

FOLKS   (ethnic portraits)

FESTIVALS   (traditional festivities and customs)

NORTH THAILAND Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Maehongson, Nan and Payao

ISAN (North-East Thailand) Korat plateau and Mekong river

LAOS South to North, the "Land of Million Elephants"

MEKONG RIVER cruises and promenades along the "Great River"

SPAIN Costa Brava and Empurdan

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