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This site is not a « portfolio » of selected pictures but a collection of images to be shared with family members, friends and the general public.

Individual folders, galleries and pictures are accessible through the BROWSE function in the navigation bar.

Glancing at a large number of pictures to locate a particular series of photographs is cumbersome, and the following “directory” is meant to provide some help.

My photo galleries are divided into six chapters. Five are accessible to everybody (public), the last one is restricted to family members and is password protected.

This is a short overview of each group with a direct access link:

THAILAND – pictures of people, places and cultural events in Thailand. As far as possible, the subdivision is done by ethnic groups for their portraits and festivals events and by regions for other global events.

The main ethnic groups presented are Thai people, Tai Lue, Hmong, Karen, Akha, Yao and Khmuic. The regions are North Thailand (Lanna) and North-East Thailand (Isan); the events cover various New Year activities and global festivals.

ASIA – this chapter showcases pictures taken in Asian countries other than Thailand. The photographs are grouped by countries and subdivided into specific topics. For the time being, Laos, Hong Kong and Japan are presented.

EUROPE – generic chapter for all non-Asian countries with an emphasis on Switzerland and the Spanish Costa Brava

VINTAGE - film years . Pictures in this folders collection were taken on film before January 1999. They are mostly scanned Kodachrome slides, sometimes Ektachrome, Fujichrome or even black and white 135 or 120 mm films. The subdivisions are geographic:  “Europe+Africa”, “Asia” and “Americas”, and they are mostly travel pictures.

BIKINGHOBO – the “Bikinghobo” chapter collects group pictures used as illustrations in travel reports (mostly “GT-Rider” trip reports). These are the host folders providing the links to the respective texts on other sites. These photographs are accessible to the general public, but are meant to be viewed inside the published stories (see list of under TRAVELS in navigation)

RESTRICTED – the included folders “FAMILY” and “PRIVATE” can only be viewed by family members and with a password.

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