Contact - Bikinghobo

Detailed information about me and my websites are given on my main site:  "". See the following chapters:

° About : some words about me and my website

° Apropos : global access to my publications

Email address : please contact me through PM of one of my social networks listed on this site.

Social networks:

GT-Rider : my user profile on forum site

Facebook profile:  Jurgen Chopard

My Facebook travel page:  Bikinghobo

Linkedin profile

Twitter profile

Google+ profile

Instagram :

° People and cultures - #bikinghobo

° Motorcycle travel stories - #jurgen_gtrider

° Vintage cameras and  pictures - #jurgenchopard

° "Tai Lue" ethnic group - #jurgen_tai

° Vintage film pictures (scanned) - #jurgen_film




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